How We Evaluate & Accept Applicants


  • In addition to long term relationships with hundreds of nannies over the years, many of our applicants are direct referrals from others we have worked with.
  • Since 1981 we have had hundreds of applicants return to get placed after a position ends.
  • Many applicants find us through social media networking; our website;  and our APNA membership.
  • Summer recruits are often teachers with the summer off and college students who are enrolled in early childhood education or elementary education programs.

Each applicant is required to provide the following:

  1. The process starts with a personal statement/application from the applicant detailing:
    • Professional experience that can be verified
    • Ages of children that they are comfortable and experienced with
    • Personal interests and hobbies; educational background, if any; and foreign language skills
    • Type of position they are seeking and how long they are available
    • References
    • Why they feel they should be considered
  2. We review the statement and contact them for:
    • a resume and any letters, certifications, etc.
    • determine their long-term vs. short-term availability.
  3.  Upon reviewing qualifications, we then start verifying references immediately.
  4.  Finally we put together an informative profile package to send to families.

Ultimately, we consider only a small percentage of the applicants who apply so  you meet only the best!

Screening and Background Checks

Extensive review of qualifications and reference checking before an applicant is added to either our permanent placement or temporary placement pool. We obtain random background checks on temp nannies. Background checks are obtained on nannies for long term placements once either interest is expressed or a formal offer is made by a family. Please wait for those results prior to a start date. As an APNA  member (Alliance of Premier Nanny Agencies) and BBB (Better Business Bureau) member, we follow strict guidelines and procedures. We have several outstanding candidates for all types of positions. See our Nanny Preview page for a sample of currently available nannies.