Meet Some of Our Applicants

mother and babyWe have highly skilled and experienced nannies available.

All are pre-qualified by our experienced staff through from their application information, background reviews and a thorough reference check. We only recommend applicants who are truly worth meeting and who fit your needs. This is a list of a few candidates who are available for either full or part-time positions; either long term or shorter term. Please ask us about applicants in your area. We are happy to provide you with more details.

Our applicants

  • Have previous professional childcare or household management experience,.
  • Many have been placed by us previously.
  • All have excellent references from former employers and a mature work ethic.

You will find applicants who

  • Vary from “young and active” (20—40s) to “mature” and youthful (40—60s)
  • Tend to have professional childcare backgrounds: many have been early childhood educators in daycares, public and private schools
  • Many have raised their own families.
  • May be currently working in our Rent a Mom temporary  service as they search for longer term positions.

Here are a few available applicants:

  • FM lives in East Denver and we placed her in a position that recently had hours reduced so is now available two full days a week from around 7:30am until 5/5:30pm.  She is a native Spanish speaker; speaks excellent English; easy to communicate with; experienced with all ages; and simply has knowledge and experience to bring to any family. She is kind, eager to please, and simply a fabulous nanny. She has amazing references from two previous families that she has nannied for, one for 4 years, and the other where we placed her, for 3 years. Everyone loves her!
  • MH lives in Central Denver near Broadway & Mississippi. Available for two full days a week. We placed her with a family for three days a week, and she would love an additional two days. She has excellent references from an Agency in NYC and a few families that she worked for. She has a happy, self confident, and vibrant personality with so many creative ideas for children of all ages; is available immediately for a fulltime position; and has experience with infants on up. She makes a fabulous impression!
  • JH lives in West Denver (west of downtown), has nearly 20 years of professional childcare background as a nanny, household manager, and preschool teacher, with all ages from infants on up. We have placed her in both long-term positions, and she has completed thousands of hours of temp work for our temp families.  She has a self-confident and outgoing personality and is available immediately for a fulltime position. References are excellent!
  • AS lives in Central Denver. We have placed her previously in very successful relationships with two families; and we have about seven fabulous references, including letters of recommendation that are outstanding and verified. Available fulltime immediately; great with all ages. Loves being active with indoor & outdoor educational activities and adventuresome outings.
  • JS in Centennial has raised her own family, has extensive educational background. She is mature, interesting, highly energetic & active, with a verified fabulous work ethic by several references. She makes a great impression, and is available for a late January start date for two to three days a week. Is experienced and comfortable with infants on up, and would bring lots of balance, creativity, and love to any family.
  • A few of our applicants are available for morning schedules between the hours of 7/8am- 1/2pm.
  • Bi-lingual nannies, including Baby Sign language. We frequently get applicants who are bi-lingual in various languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, and Baby Sign Language. Let us know if this is a requirement or preference, or simply a huge plus.  Currently we have a few excellent candidates whose native language is Spanish and also speak very good English; several with beginning Spanish & French; one who speak some Arabic.
  • Many additional applicants located throughout the Denver metro area We have applicants available for Denver, Morrison, Highlands Ranch, Lakewood, Castle Rock, Littleton, Parker, Broomfield and Aurora. All have excellent references as nannies, daycare/preschool teachers, household managers, and personal assistants; several have raised their own families and understand how to assist with running a home smoothly. They are highly skilled and experienced with infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children. They  are available for full and part-time positions.