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  • The week of August 14th, 2017. We have new positions for nannies/household managers throughout the Denver Metro Area.

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  • Full-time jobs average 30-50 hours per week
  • Part-time jobs average 15-30 hours/week

If you are interested in and qualify for any of the positions below, please submit an application.

 Current positions are in the following locations… you may want to consider putting two part-time families together, since part-time requests are increasing and well paying.

  • Several inquiries that we are working on, so continue reviewing this site frequently
  • DENVER/OBSERVATORY PARK (Colorado & Yale).
  • DENVER/HILL TOP, Alameda & Monaco.
  • DENVER/STAPLETON. Central Park Blvd. & MLK
  • DENVER/THE HIGHLANDS. 30th & Tennyson.
  • DENVER/HILLTOP, 1st & Albion.
  • DENVER/THE HIGHLANDS, 38th & Tejon.
  • DENVER/STAPLETON, 51st & Central Park Blvd.
  • DENVER, 44th & Federal.
  • DENVER/CHERRY CREEK, 1st & Steel.
  • DENVER/STAPLETON, 28th Ave. & MLK Blvd.

While we work hard to keep this list updated, we may have more positions than are currently listed and some may be filled.

Nanny or Household Manager Qualifications 1-2 years of professional childcare experience as a nanny, daycare/preschool teacher; household management; or personal assistant which can be verified. Must have a reliable car and auto insurance. You should be able to make at least a one year commitment unless otherwise indicated. Must be at least 21 years of age and have no child of your own to bring to the job unless otherwise indicated. CPR/1st Aid/Universal training is very important. Most importantly, you should have HUGE LOVE & RESPECT FOR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES. These jobs are located throughout entire Denver/Boulder Metro Area.

Denver/DTC.  (LK) Available: mid-August. These busy career parents are searching for the perfect nanny manager for their sweet, bright, fun and easy-going 9 year old daughter. Schedule is Monday-Friday 1pm-7pm. First and foremost responsibility is the care and hands-on interaction with their daughter. Other responsibilities include; taking the doggie on a walk,  transporting their daughter from school, transporting her  to/from after school activities, running a few errands while she is in her activities, helping/assisting with homework and preparing dinner for their daughter. Reliable vehicle and clean driving record a must! Their ideal nanny is reliable, responsible, interactive, a good multi-tasker and house manager who can work independently and make decisions…someone willing to work with the family and help them in any way that they can. Offering a generous salary and some “extras” for the right person and experience. PET ALERT: One doggie who is part of the family.

Denver/Observatory Park (Colorado & Yale).  (KS) Available: Immediately. This active family of 4 is searching for the perfect part time nanny for their sweet, active, curious 6 year old daughter and their happy, sweet, adorable 11 month old son. Schedule is Mon-Fri 8am-noon OR 9am-1pm. Their ideal nanny is fun, loving, energetic, experienced and knowledgeable in the challenges and rewards that come with a 6 year old and an 11 month old…someone who will become part of their family and will love on, engage, and play with (age appropriate activities to stimulate learning and growth into a healthy toddler) their children teaching them by example and helping them discover the world around them. Their daughter is in school full time so care will be for their son during the week and for both children on the occasional date night or weekend. Their home is located in a wonderful neighborhood close to parks and trails. They love being outdoors, going to the zoo, aquarium, botanical gardens and Science Museum. Offering a generous salary and benefits for the right person and experience. PET ALERT: A friendly lazy 7 year old golden retriever who is part of the family and requires minimal care from the nanny.

Denver/Hilltop Neighborhood (Alameda & Monaco). (CM) Available immediately. This busy family of 4 is searching for the perfect nanny to join their family and care for their sweet, active, creative 7 year old son who loves to learn, read and do crafts/projects AND their huge-hearted, funny, active 4 year old daughter who loves gymnastics, tennis, riding her bike and imaginary play. Schedule is Mon-Fri 11am-6pm (with one date night a week) for a total of 40 hours a week. First and utmost responsibility is the care and safety of their children. Other responsibilities include; household management tasks (i.e. making beds, straightening up house, grocery store and errands, laundry, meal prep and cook dinner a few times a week, organize kids’ play areas/closets, rooms as needed, transportation from school and after school activities). Their ideal nanny is loving and fun for the kids while prioritizing their safety…someone who will help reinforce manners and respectfulness in their children but is also able to have fun and be playful with the kids engaging and interacting in creative and physical activities (crafts, imaginative play, bike rides, outings to park/zoo/museum, etc.). Finding a nanny who will take care of and become part of the family seeing what needs to be done and doing it, taking an interest in their children and who they are as individuals and relating to them in ways that help them learn, thrive and discover the world around them is their goal. The mom says, “We’d love to find a kid-loving, dog-loving nanny manager and cook who doesn’t mind also doing household management tasks to keep the house together with two very busy parents.” Offering a generous salary and benefits for the right person and experience. PET ALERT: They are getting a puppy who will need training/care (i.e. walking, letting in and out, feeding, etc.)

Denver/Stapleton (Central Park Blvd. & MLK Blvd.).   (PF) Available: August 2017. This busy family of 4 is searching for the perfect after school nanny for their 9 year old daughter and 7 year old son. Schedule is Monday-Friday 3pm-6 or 7pm. Their ideal nanny is experienced, reliable, responsible, safe, engaging, easy going and fun. A clean driving record and reliable car are a must! They are searching for a nanny who will provide a safe, fun, stable environment for the children, picking them up from school, helping with homework, providing snacks, and transporting them to and from after school activities. Offering a generous salary for the perfect candidate.

Denver/The Highlands (30th & Tennyson).  (BG) Available: August 2017. These busy career parents are looking for the perfect after school nanny for their fun, enthusiastic, smart and sweet 7 year old son who loves to be outside playing all different kinds of sports, is crazy about music – both listening to it and making it.Schedule will be Monday-Thursday 3pm-6pm and Friday 2pm-6pm. Primary responsibility is picking up their son from school each day and bringing him home or to after school activities such as guitar lessons, swimming lessons, or School of Rock. LOTS of driving so a safe and conscientious driver with a clean MVR recond is a must! Other responsibilities would be helping to keep the house tidy, preparing healthy after school snacks and some light dinner prep as well. Their ideal nanny is kind. fun loving, smart, strong and enjoys lots of activities…someone who can come up with creative games and activities that will truly engage their son. Their family is outdoorsy, open minded, caring and believes in teaching their son to be respectful and compassionate toward others they would love to find a nanny who will help instill these things in their son and who will feel like part of our family (and vice versa). Their home is located in The Highlands with a great yard for playing outside and plenty of room for indoor games and fun. NO PETS HERE.

Denver/Hilltop (1st & Albion). (KV) Available: End of August, 2017. This busy family of 4 is looking for the perfect year round part time (after school or after camp) nanny for their active children (11 year old boy and 9 year old girl) who both love sports, reading, and animals. Schedule is typically Mon-Thurs 3pm-5:30pm and Friday 12pm-5:30pm with extra hours available on occasional evenings (work meeting or event) and school holidays. Their ideal nanny is loving, warm, reliable, responsible…someone who is energetic, flexible and able to handle proactive juggling and scheduling to ensure things go smoothly and everyone is where they need to be and will proactively participate in their family treating the kids as if they were their own. Primary and most important responsibility is the care and interaction with the children. This includes transporting them from school to after school activities, assisting with homework and keeping them on track with homework and other chores around the house. Other responsibilities include; light meal prep for the kids, occasional laundry, keeping common areas clean and tidy. Their home is located in a wonderful and safe neighborhood with a great area for outdoor play/activities with the kids. Offering a generous salary and extras for the right person who wants to make a commitment to their family for a long time to come.PET ALERT: 2 cats (no care required) and a 7 month old Golden Retriever puppy that needs to be let out during the day (the kids will help) and is still training.

Denver, The Highlands (38th & Tejon). (MK) Available: Immediately. These busy parents of sweet, energetic, happy and curious 11 month old twin boys are looking for the perfect nanny to join their family for a long term commitment. Schedule is 4 days a week (have some flexibility on the days) normally 7/8am-4/5pm for a total of 30-35 hours a week. Their ideal nanny is flexible, proactive and able to make decisions and adapt to the boys’ ever changing abilities and stages. They are seeking someone who is adventurous, knowledgeable and interested in how babies learn and grow, interactive, patient, laid back, experienced with caring for more than one child of the same age and will love and care for the boys like their own. A nanny who will become part of their family team working and communicating with them as they continue to provide an environment in which their boys will continue to be happy and enthusiastic life explorers.First and most important responsibility is the care of their boys who will encourage and be patient as they change and transition into toddler hood. Other responsibilities include all baby-related tasks (i.e. baby laundry, empty diaper pail, washing bottles and baby dishes, introducing foods and food prep for the boys), keeping kitchen, common areas and baby’s play areas clean and tidy. They encourage reading to and playing with the boys, interacting through creative activities/play/learning, as well as going on outings to the park, library, museums, etc. Offering a generous salary and a few extras for the right person. PET ALERT: 1 older sweet dog who is part of the family. Nanny needs to be an animal lover as she is very much a  part of the family and they are working with the boys to learn how to be gentle around her and other pets.

Denver, Stapleton (51st& Central Park Blvd).  (LS) AVAILABLE: Early August, 2016. These busy/career parents of two children are looking for a nanny with extensive toddler experience who can work independently and multi-task effectively for a Monday thru Friday, 8am-4/4:30pm schedule. Full time care is for their 2.5 year old son. For their 12 year old daughter they need minimal (occasional before/after school) care. Their son is happy and easygoing, and born very prematurely so you must be someone who is patient, interactive, and attentive and alert for social and educational development. He is growing and developing well but still has some light medical needs the nanny will need to learn and be aware of. Their daughter is very talented, creative, athletic, and extremely helpful with the baby! Even though the majority of care is for their toddler, please be someone who will enjoy, engage, and appreciate her as well. They are looking for a commitment of at least one year but ideally longer. They would love someone who will become a part of their family and invest in their children’s health, safety and well-being for many years to come. NO PETS HERE.

Denver (44th & Federal). (AA) Available: mid-August, 2017. This busy family of four is looking for the perfect Nanny Manager to care for their two sweet, active, curious, loving boys (ages 4 and almost 1). Schedule is Monday-Friday 8am-6pm. Nanny’s main responsibility is the loving care of their boys…full time for their youngest and part time for their oldest…transporting him from school to home and assisting with homework and after school activities. Additional responsibilities include; kid laundry, light meal prep for the family, once a week grocery shopping and maybe an errand here and there if needed. Their ideal nanny is responsible (clean driving record a must), reliable, fun, interactive, loves to be outside enjoying the outdoors and will come alongside the parents to encourage independence and the balance between responsibilities and fun. Offering a generous salary for the right person and would love to invite someone on board to partner with them who is willing to commit to their family for a long time. Their home is located in a great neighborhood with access to parks and walking trails. Please be aware that they are relocating in the fall to the Wheat Ridge/Golden/Arvada area so would love to interview candidates who are ok with this location as well. PET ALERT: 1 big but very sweet kid loving dog here.

Denver/Cherry Creek (1st & Steel). (LR) Available: August 2017. These busy career parents are looking for the perfect nanny for their adorable, sweet, cuddly 6 week old baby boy. Schedule is open to negotiation.  Hours could range from 12 to 36 hours per week for a few months (beginning July 5), with the possibility of a longer-term assignment of 50-55 hours per week beginning in late fall or early next year. Their ideal nanny is reliable, responsible, has great communication skills, knowledgeable in the milestones of a child’s first year and many years of experience as an infant nanny (nursing or Doula training a huge plus).Main and most important responsiblity is the care, nurture and loving interaction with their son. Other responsibilities include baby’s laundry, light house hold assistance  in keeping common areas neat and tidy (putting away groceries, straightening up, emptying dishwasher and trash daily) while baby is sleeping.Offering a generous salary and other great benefits for the right person. NO PETS HERE.

Denver, Stapleton (28th Ave & MLK Blvd). (VC) Available: August 2017. This family of 4 is looking for the perfect after school nanny to care for their athletic, fun, and busy girls (ages 13 and 9).  Schedule is: Monday and Wednesday, 3:45pm-7:45pm; Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 3:30pm-6pm (approximately 15 hours a week). Some flexibility is needed for an earlier start or later end times occasionally. Their ideal nanny is reliable, responsible, fun, energetic, health conscious, engaging and caring. Would love to find someone who can relate to the girls, care about what is going on in their lives, and offer support and encouragement when needed. Main and most important responsibility is the well-being and safety of the girls – providing reliable transportation and making sure they arrive at their after school activities safely and on time. Other responsibilities include; minimal meal prep for the girls (snacks and light meals before activities), folding clean laundry and tidying up the kitchen and common areas. Offering a generous salary for the perfect candidate who wants to come on board and help with a true team approach to ensure the girls’ have a happy, safe, and healthy environment in which to grow and thrive. NO PETS HERE


GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Belleview & University. This position has been filled as of August 4th, 2017.

DENVER, Parker Road and Quincy. This position has been filled as of August 8th, 2017

DENVER/CHERRY HILLS, Belleview & University. This position has been filled as of July 30th, 2017.

THORNTON, 144th & Colorado. This position has been filled as of July 20th, 2017.

DENVER, 6th & Holly. This position has been filled as of June 15th, 2017.

DENVER, 6th & York. This position has been filled as of June 5th, 2017.


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