Frequently Asked Questions for Nannies

nice baby sleepAfter I am accepted, when can I expect to get placed in a position?

Once we have completed your reference and background checks, we will contact you. Review our job postings frequently reviewing jobs listed on this website.

How you present yourself during interviews is key. Parents look at how you interact not only with them, but also with their children.  Be prepared to listen to their needs and ask about their goals for their children. But don’t forget to  ask your own questions, and let them know what you will do so their family thrives in your care.

What kind of references do you need?

Provide personal references who have known you for a long time. THE most important references are those from your stable professional positions you’ve held in childcare related fields—such as a nanny, daycare and preschool teacher, church nursery teacher or assistant, household management and personal assisting positions.

All references and declared accomplishments should be easily verifiable; An early childhood and elementary education background, and foreign language skills are a huge plus as well.

Do families offer benefits?

Some do. Often with full-time placements the family will consider offering benefits once you have been in the position for a period of time. As in any employment situation, benefits that are considered are health insurance, vacation, paid holidays and personal days. If you show a family that you are there to make their lives easier, much of this will fall into place.

Am I required to have CPR/first aid training before being placed?

Yes. Most families request you have CPR training. It’s a great idea to get qualified in advance. That gives you another advantage on your resume. The best place to get training or get your certification updated is your local Red Cross.

What are average salaries?

Salaries vary. Average salaries for full-time positions (from 30-50 hours per week) are between $2000 and $3000 per month. Part-time, 10-30 hours a week,  average $13 to $20 per hour. Your experience,  job responsibilities, and number of hours the job entails are the major contributing factors in salaries. Be careful to not price yourself out of a job; we’re happy to assist you in this regard.

Are there any fees for which I am responsible?

NO. Our job is to get you a job.