Our Service of Excellence testimonials from clients over the past many years! All quotes have been sent from actual clients. 

From: Katie K.
Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2017 2:00 PM
To: Alicia Petty

“Your service was a life saver for the last 2 years with the twins! We have been so happy working with you & all of the wonderful nannies!”

From: Allison C.
Sent: Thursday, Februrary 28, 2017 6:00 AM
To: Alicia Petty

“Good morning Alicia,
I wanted to thank you for your understanding and working with us on the recent situation. I think it really shows that you believe in the nannies that you place with families, but you also understand that strange and unfortunate situations like this do still happen and we appreciate that you wanted to make it right. I would feel confident recommending you to our friends and colleagues and will surely do so!
Thank you again, I have really enjoyed working with you and will be in touch if we ever need backup care and grandma isn’t around!”
From: Stephanie F.
Sent: Monday, April 11, 2016 8:43 AM
To: Laurie Pensack

“We have a very busy household… and reached out to Premier Nannies, and they delivered some amazing candidates for the position. We felt certain that all would be great for the position, and the manager we chose was extremely trust worthy and very professional. She had a short stay due to unforeseen personal circumstances. Premier Nannies was extremely proactive sent more candidates that were amazing as well. We highly recommend working with Premier Nannies/Rent a Mom!”

From: Kacey S. (In response to hiring one of our nannies)
Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2016 10:47 AM
To: Laurie Pensack

 I would be happy to write a review, it has been a great experience.
Thank you, Kacey
From: Morgan S Sent: Monday, October 26, 2015 7:12 PM
To: Laurie Pensack Subject: Re: Rachel

 “Fabulous!!! We feel very fortunate to have met her and our kids love her!!!! We are blessed!!” (Referring to our follow up email about the nanny we placed with their family)
Sent: Tuesday, October 20, 2015 7:25 PM  To: Laurie Pensack  Subject: Mindy     Hi Laurie,  I posted a 5 star review on Yelp, which reflects my sincere appreciation for the work you and your nannies do. Thanks,  SB  Denver Police Department

“I have used this service for temporary fill-in child care for years. They have never let me down….I have recommended it to some of my friends who have used it too…they have been awesome about helping me find help from their temporary pool, sometimes on very short notice… Thanks so much ladies as usual!” Sarah H. October 2015

“Happy to be a reference for you. I love you guys!” KS (local News Station) October 2015 (We successfully placed two long term nannies for this family over the past 6-7 years)

Girl with sunflower

From: Andrea S., Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2014 12:37 PM To: Premier Nannies and Rentamom, Subject: Re: Nanny – personal assistant search.    This Mom chose another option, but wrote the following: “I will keep your information handy, as you were the brightest shining star amongst the services I had contacted.” 

“Laurie is a great listener and is very dedicated to matching the “right” nanny with the “right” family.  I have also referred a couple colleagues to Premier Nannies and they have also both had excellent experiences. Even after hiring our nanny, Laurie was very helpful in assisting troubleshoot some of  the initial “growing-pains” that sometimes accompany incorporating an additional caregiver into our family. I recommend Premier Nannies to any family looking for a nanny!” Amy G, M.D.  November 2013

“Laurie, thank you for your note. It’s hard to believe that just this past weekend I was feeling overwhelmed at the task of trying to find someone on my own, and now, here I am less than a week later with two such fabulous candidates! I am grateful for the introduction to these two great ladies.” —Karie  August 2013

Hi Laurie, Ashley has been great! …after being back [to work] full time, it really helps to have her in our life. Thank you for the connection!” —Kat (Kathleen T.)   May 2013

“We appreciate your help and want you to know that we appreciate how you have been in contact with us when we needed and at times that I am sure were not so convenient for you. It means so much. I would recommend your agency to anyone. After what we have been through it is clear to us that you guys care about what you do and in this situation it means so much. You took the time to get what we needed. ..you have already done more for us then anyone else out there.”  —Alison L.  April 2013

“We appreciate the value in the service you provide. Aubrey is still working out great for our family!!! Alex and Emma love her. No complaints at all… We are very happy with her and with Premier Nannies. Thank you.” —Allison R. “Hi there Laurie! We would be more than happy to provide a recommendation for your service. We have been very happy with our experience and would welcome the opportunity to help. Hope 2013 is off to a good start for you and yours!”

“Hello Laurie. Thank you for contacting me and for following up. Erin has been a great support for us. My older daughter (almost 5) has been going through quite some transition lately- becoming a big sister and starting full time kindergarten all in the same month. ..the support of a nanny a few hours in the morning is great. I’m glad that Erin has lots of experience with newborns/babies. This makes me feel more comfortable with having her as our nanny.” “It is a luxury to have two people that I think would be great to decide between and we appreciate all your work. I am sorry that it means we had to tell a very qualified person that we couldn’t hire them and I really hope she finds a good position.” I keep meaning to call to thank you so much for helping me get set up for those weeks.  My kids are so excited to be with Katie and I am sure they will love Stephanie too.  2010

“Laurie, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!  YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!!!!!!!  Seriously – this is a big event for us on Saturday night and was so stressed by our sitter’s error.  Thanks for coming to our rescue!” —Laurel

“Thank you for all your help over the years and I’ll support you any way I can. Thx.” Note: Over the past 3 years we have successfully placed nannies with this very busy & professional family

“I wanted to thank you for your services and the wonderful nannies you have passed along to us.  If, for some reason, [the nanny we hired] doesn’t work out I will be back in touch! And, I will be in touch if we ever need to “rent a mom”   Thanks very much. You are a true professional and it was terrific working with you!  —AR, 4/20/09 Note: Didn’t hire through us, but had a great experience working with us and uses our temp service

“Dear Laurie, I am so impressed! You have sent me more candidates today than [      ] Nanny Agency has in three weeks! I’m so glad I called you. Thank you. I am in the process of setting up interviews with these great candidates” —Sara 2/20/09 Note: This family did hire a great nanny through us.

“My family has been using Premier Nannies over the past 7 years starting with the birth of my daughter in 2001 and working with us through our various growth stages (my first son was born in 2004 and second son in 2007!). Premier Nannies has always been understanding of our needs and has fantastically adapted to our changing family dynamic. I would highly recommend Premier Nannies.” —Magali B.

“I really appreciate all of your help.  Your company has made it possible for us to actually go to work and trust that [our daughter] will be well taken care of!  Thanks again!”   —Rachel “[Premier Nannies] has been very reliable in helping me locate and place the right nannies for my family.  They are able to match up the needs of a family, working schedules and personalities of your kids & ages to the right nannies with a complementary DNA!  I’ve had 5 nannies placed in my family with Rent A Mom [and Premier Nannies] over the last 11 years and every one of them has turned out great and they’ve all stayed in contact with my family.  Each one of them has been an ongoing permanent figure in my daughter’s life and makes a concerted effort to keep in touch with her.   Each of the nannies was very thoughtful, caring and dependable.  It’s easy to find nannies, but finding one that fits in the fabric of your family is unique.” —Marti W. November 2008

“One of the best parts about my experience with Premier Nannies was how quickly they responded to my needs. The team at Premier Nannies provided me with several choices of qualified, professional candidates that fit our family profile in a very effective and professional manner. I could tell that Laurie had years of experience in the business of helping families find qualified nannies. We love the nanny we chose and highly recommend the team at Premier Nannies!”   —Katie J. November 2008

“Premier Nannies did an excellent job at communicating with me & finding me people that were great potential for our family. [They] commit to excellence in sending trustworthy, valuable, potential employees.”   —SD, Denver  8/25/06 

“I wanted to thank you for your first rate service. You truly fulfill the definition of the word “premier” in terms of service and nanny applicants. You really pay attention to the client’s needs and concerns, background information (including references on nanny candidates), quality of nannies, all packaged with a true spirit of service!” “I can’t believe how quickly we were able to find a nanny! [Our experience] was very positive. This was our first ‘nanny experience’ and you guided us through the process with your expertise. Thanks!”   —Diana D. Experience in working with Premier Nannies: “Fabulous; very pleased & impressed.”   —Shannon R. 7/30/06

“The service was very professional; calls were returned promptly and all of our needs and concerns were addressed; thank you for helping us meet ours & our childrens’ needs, we truly appreciate it.”   —Trina P.  10/05

“Premier Nannies was able to find a suitable candidate in a very short period of time. [Our experience] was absolutely perfect. I appreciated faxes with all the references & notes.”   —Julie H. 10/04

“I enjoyed working with Premier Nannies; [they are] very responsive; always returned calls as fast as possible. I provided my information on  Friday and by Monday I received information on four applicants.”   —Heidi F. 9/04

“Your nanny candidates are higher quality than other agencies; only suggestion is for more guidance as to whose responsibility it is to do what during interview process, and the offer/decline phase.”  Update: Our staff has since been providing this assistance verbally and with emailed information.

“I have used Rent A Mom services over the past five years. The girls I hired were sensational! They were very honest, responsible and the perfect “nanny” for my three children”

“My family has used the services of Rent A Mom on six different occasions to locate a childcare provider for our two children. The staff of Rent A Mom has been extremely helpful, knowledgeable and attentive on all occasions.”

“Thank you so much for your assistance in finding our nanny! She is the PERFECT match for our family and has made a tremendous difference in our lives. “