Permanent, Long-term Nannies and Assistants

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What does Premier Nannies do for families?

We look for highly skilled and experienced nannies and assistants. As a full service nanny agency, our program includes an extensive reference and background check package. Because we are an APNA member, our service has a rigorous acceptance process.  Only nannies that pass our process are available for you to interview.

Once you have contacted us, we will forward a Family Profile Package and, upon request we will visit your home for a consultation to answer all of your questions about hiring a nanny or assistant.

When you are ready to move forward:

  • We provide you with the information you need regarding all aspects of hiring an employee including:
    • Average salary and benefit information.
    • Your tax responsibilities, including suggested companies to assist in payroll and taxes.
  • We present your position to applicants so you may begin interviews as soon as possible. Most are interviewing actively so we recommend contacting them quickly.
  • We will provide a detailed report, including application and references that we have taken on each applicant for your review before you interview. Since we don’t place nearly 90% of applicants who contact us, background checks are completed or updated by us once you advise us that you are seriously considering an applicant. 
  • Additionally, due to our flat fee structure for permanent placements, you can count on our staff to only recommend salaries that are within the industry standard.

We are always recruiting qualified candidates for full and part-time positions on a live-out basis. We’re happy to offer you previews of our nannies. Simply visit the meet some of our applicants page.

Agency fees & Procedures:  There is a non-refundable application fee of $200 which includes complimentary Rent A Mom membership ($75 value). Placement fees vary depending on your schedule so please see our Fees, Guarantees and Salaries page for details.